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Mica Heating Coil The Cost Of

Electromagnetic induction heating coil, Mica Heating Coil as an important part of electromagnetic heaters. Mica Heating Coil Its cost is not low, can do its maintenance not only can save a lot of cost, but also reduce the probability of shutdown occurred.

High-temperature coil is generally used mica high-temperature coil, Mica Heating Coil select the coil must be strictly in accordance with the requirements to support, do not save money to choose a smaller square. Otherwise, will bring more than the loss of equipment, there will be a waste of time.

Winding grounding refers to the winding and the core or the insulation between the chassis caused by the phenomenon of ground. Mica Heating Coil If this failure occurs, if the protective grounding is not good, Mica Heating Coil will make the case live. So that the winding heat caused by short circuit and other failures.

The cause of the winding ground for the reasons: the motor damp, Mica Heating Coil improper maintenance; by the harmful and corrosive media corrosion; due to overhaul and damage the insulation; use of aging insulation; Mica Heating Coil lightning; often overload; fixed, rotor rub; Or poor maintenance process.

If the winding is grounded and the ground is usually near the stator slot, it is easier to handle. As long as the fault point into the mica, Mica Heating Coil insulating paper or bamboo, the winding can be insulated with the core can be. If the upper edge insulation is damaged, the wedge can be removed, heated (about 80 ℃) to soften the insulation, remove the upper winding, banding insulation tape for local repair; if the bottom slot winding damage, Mica Heating Coil you should remove a pitch Winding, the local repair, then need to pay attention to, take the winding do not damage the inter-turn insulation. In addition, if the fault at the wire has been burned or eroded, it should be replaced by a new wire, or burns easy to heat burn.

For single-winding windings with no-turn short-circuited windings, Mica Heating Coil it is possible to remove individual fault coils in the windings when not repaired. Of course, when the output of the motor will be reduced, the use of attention.

High-voltage motor local repair methods are as follows: first fault coil heating, so that after the insulation softening the fault coil removed from the trunking. Mica Heating Coil Insulate the insulation of the faulty parts (be careful not to damage the inter-turn insulation) and check the insulation between turns and the surroundings. Then, with 0.13 mm thick silk mica tape to fill, fill should be semi-stacking dressing, each layer of a layer, with air dry insulating paint brush once.

After the mica tape is wrapped, Mica Heating Coil the surface is wrapped with a layer of white gauze as a protective layer and coated with asphalt air-dry insulating paint. After the drying treatment, the pressure test is carried out, and then the coil is fitted into the tank. And then welding the end of the connector, Mica Heating Coil bandage good connector insulation, do pressure test, qualified before assembling the motor.

If the ground in the vicinity of the slot, in addition to insulation has been aging, can be used for local repair. If only one wire insulation damage and grounding, you can first coil heating, Mica Heating Coil to be softened after the insulation, with a crossed board pry open the location of the slot insulation, insert the hard mica or 0.5 ~ 1mm thick insulation paper, coated with insulating paint The After repairing the insulation resistance, and do pressure test. If there are two wires have been damaged, in addition to treatment tank insulation, Mica Heating Coil but also on the interturn insulation for processing. Interlocking mica inserts are inserted between the turns, Mica Heating Coil and the medium and medium motors are intertwined with mica insulation bands. Mica Heating Coil If the conductor has damage, should be repaired, and then for insulation treatment.

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